"A great piece of kit" Campervan Magazine

"SheltaPod is a clever design that fits a gap in the market. I particularly like the flexibility that the design offers and how the clear panels give a light and airy feel." Alan Hayward, Assistant Editor, VWBus T4&5+ Magazine

"Saw this at Camper Calling. Photographs don't do it justice. It is a lot roomier than you would think and the quality is great. Brilliant idea; versatile; so stylish; lovely colours. Julie has thought of everything. It's what your camper van is crying out for!" Ann M

"We love our SheltaPod. Really versatile and looks great. Really well designed." Becky Smith 


"Our SheltaPod is easy to put up, great to use and takes up little space when travelling….perfect." Mark L

"Awesome addition to our setup. Spacious, easy to set up. Customer service is fantastic. Worth every penny." Jude Yarsley

"First trip away with SheltaPod. Easy to put up. Recommended Kampa pole did the job attaching to Bongo. Comfortable large sleeping area - I can stand up! Loads of items included in the bag. More pegs than I can ever imagine using (and light weight). Guys maybe not so easy to see during day but include reflective strips so easy to see at night! I took spare guys in case of bad weather but there are already loads of extra ones. Very generous versatile piece of kit. I can see that a lot of thought has gone in to the design and there are many useful features (curtains for windows, pouches for small items, variable ventilation...) Happy to recommend to others." Marion Macdonald

"I spied SheltaPod over a year ago, pre-crowd funding and could instantly see the benefits of it's unique design, as soon as crowd funding started, I jumped in - it's perfect for any small van or car! It's simple to put up single handed (I believe in assembling without instructions) and has so many ways of attaching to the vehicle, you can't fail to find a way to suit your need. I have now used it on several camps, including a very wet couple of days in the Lake District and very windy conditions at Bala Lake, the pod has performed perfectly in all instances and with small adjustments to the canopy poles, you end up with a non-puddling dry space between your vehicle and the pod. There are more than enough guy lines to ensure good stability in stronger winds, and judicious placement of your vehicle ensures the car takes the brunt anyway. Great quality materials and one of the first inner tents we have used recently not to suffer from condensation - totally dry! A fantastic canopy for screening yourself, drive away storage tent for your bulky items or spacious tent for two to sleep in - love it!" Adrian Oats

"We used our SheltaPod for the 1st time last weekend in Anglesey. Love it! We attached it using the over the top straps and it worked really well!" Jane Woodbury

"First time away with our lovely blue Sheltapod this weekend. We were so happy with it and how it fulfilled our requirements. Roomy, light and airy, easy to put up amd take down, packs up small. Very impressed." Beth Gourlay

"I followed Julie as she developed the Sheltapod into the perfect awning for me and my families needs before it went onto crowd funding. I even had the chance to see the prototype at a camping show and instantly loved it's look,simplicity and versatility.Then when it did eventually go live with a crowd funding campaign, immediately backed it. This year we became proud owner of a blue one. It actually came on the day we were going camping to Norfolk (bonus)! So took it for its first outing and had it up and ready to use in 20 mins, not bad for a first attempt We used it for a week of camping, with no problems,great quality materials used. Next outing was at Rutland Water and had it ready in 15 mins. I would and do recommend it to everyone. Thank you Julie, Fab product!!!" Chris Craven

"Absolutely excellent, withstood a whole night Derbyshire downpour no problem. Great size for sitting in comfortably even with the tent in even with 4 dogs." Emily Jane Sheldon

"It was great to SheltaPod at Busfest 2016. It exceeded our expectations and really is a great alternative to a full awning. The quality of it was excellent, better than some of the £400 awnings I have used before" Sarah M

"Absolutely love it!! Currently set up with it now! There is a knack to erecting, but when you get it, you get it!! We have a 1st generation version, I'm sure improvements have been made since but we love it!!!" Elaine 

We have one and love it. Small enough to fit under our bed so not sat on the floor like all the big awnings, solid in the wind and a nice place to sit, especially with the window panels in the roof Jason S

"I love it. Light enough for me to lift and carry about." Tanya L

"Would def recommend, we’ve just returned from a 3 week trip using ours was fab and got loads positive feedback from people wanting info on it." Polly Neale

"We got one of the first versions and love it, they are so versatile and adaptable." Ken J

"Love my Sheltapod. I've stopped using my Vango Galli because the Sheltapod is just so much easier to use and so versatile. I wasn't sure before I bought it, but I've been really pleased with it." Paul W

"Love ours, really good for festivals and general camping too. Nice and light when all packed away. Stood up to some bad weather last year too, just a slight bend on one of the poles (other awnings/tents were wrecked!)." Mike M 

"Survived overnight winds of 50mph like a champ - great bit of kit" Stephen P

"Superb to set up and easy to fit back into the larger bag" Keith H